Small Space, Big Ideas

Small spaces in the kitchen and bathroom just don't get the credit they truly deserve. In fact, I believe small spaces can be convenient, low maintenance, cozy and stylish.

Whether it's a bathroom linen closet, kitchen storage area or appliance space, you can actually make the most of your home's small areas. Check out my tips to see why small spaces don’t really have to be a challenge after all.

Tony Ventouris Photography

Tony Ventouris Photography

In the Kitchen

Counter-Depth Refrigerators

A simple way to enhance the look of your kitchen, a counter-depth fridge is shallower than traditional refrigerators, but makes up for storage capacity in its width and height. This style fridge is made to fit flush with the depth of the counter, doing away with those awkward ins-and-outs in the kitchen. Most counter-depth models are 36″ wide and up; however, some manufacturers offer narrow models for smaller kitchens.

A counter-depth refrigerator makes not only for a smooth fit with countertops, but the appliance’s proportions also allow you to see everything inside with greater ease. This style also creates a sleek appearance without the higher cost of an integrated built-in model.

Cabinet Inserts

If you are lacking in the kitchen storage space department, I suggest tricking out your cabinets. There is a wide range of innovative, cool cabinet dividers, inserts and other gadgets available on the market that can make it easier for you to keep your cabinets in order. Whether you're storing spices, cooking supplies or canned foods, cabinet inserts can make your life a lot easier.

For example, if you prefer to store your spices in a drawer to save cabinet space, try using drawer inserts for keeping jars in place – it makes them both easy to access and more aesthetically pleasing.

Tony Ventouris Photography

Tony Ventouris Photography

Tony Ventouris Photography

Tony Ventouris Photography

Backless Barstools

Backless barstools can be tucked under your kitchen counter, so they take up less floor space. This style offers a clean, sleek look – a key consideration in smaller spaces.

Backless kitchen barstools have no visible backrest above the height of the countertop, so there’s nothing to break up the simple straight lines of the surface. These stools are also easy to get on and off, can be tucked neatly under the counter and won’t interrupt the room’s overall sightline.


Corner Kitchen Sink

In smaller kitchens, a corner kitchen sink means you get more prep space and longer counters – which can be a major plus. Corner sinks offer more flexibility because you can virtually place them anywhere you want, as long as it’s in a corner.

There are several other advantages to a corner-style kitchen sink. The modified wedge shape of a cabinet under a corner sink offers ample space to store kitchen and cleaning supplies, as well as other odds and ends. The configuration also allows more room for plumbing pipes. Finally, because corner sinks don't break up the flow of countertops along your kitchen wall, they allow for a longer stretch of workspace.


In the Bathroom

Banjo Countertops

A banjo countertop is a style that takes your bathroom counter from your vanity over and across the tank of the toilet. Traditionally, banjo countertops were used to create extra countertop space; however, today, this style is often finished with a cabinetry tower above to create even more storage. One thing to keep in mind with banjo countertops is that the toilet tank must be lower than the countertop to access the tank.

Glass Panel as Toilet Divider

Glass panels can create privacy in a small bathroom, allowing light to pass freely between the main area and the toilet while still offering plenty of privacy.

Shower Niches

A shower niche is a space in the wall of your shower or bathtub to store bath supplies, such as soap, shampoo bottles or other bathing essentials. Incorporated into a tile wall, finished and waterproofed, a shower niche primarily keeps things out of your way during shower time.

Tiled shower niches come in two varieties: custom tiled niches or prefab or preformed shower niches. Finished shower niches also come in two variations: the membrane bonding niche or the retrofit niche.


Pocket Doors/Barn Doors

Both pocket doors and barn doors are intended as space-saving tools. Because they don’t swing out into a room, they tend to work well for smaller-sized bathrooms.

For example, in tight quarters – think a Jack and Jill-style bathroom – standard swinging doors can eat into the limited clearance space available. Pocket doors solve this problem. Pocket doors also allow you to save floor space in the bathroom, making more room for other functional features.

Another hot door option right now is the barn door. This style slides on a track on the outside of a wall and covers it when open. Sliding barn doors can make a small bathroom space feel welcoming and cozy. They come in a wide variety of designs, and can adapt to a variety of styles and decors. They are a particularly smart idea when trying to separate a bedroom from its en-suite bathroom.

Transform Your Small Space Into Something Beautiful

Do you have a kitchen or bathroom that seems too small for anything more than the basics? Having a small space does not have to be limiting. Let’s talk about how to make the most of your space today!